Why Jumpline?

We believe that if journalism education is going to continue to play a vital role in today’s constantly transforming media ecosystem, it must adopt radical new approaches.

That’s why we’re building Jumpline, a community hub to support journalism educators and trainers like us, who are driving the radical transformation of journalism education around the world.


We’re Andrew Mills and Amy Sanders. Read about us here.


There has never been a more important time for journalists and journalism students to learn what matters most. And nothing is more frustrating than watching journalism education and training programs struggle just to make sense of the changing media landscape, rather than making the most of the bold innovations that are taking shape.


It’s time to turn things around in a big way. That’s where Jumpline comes in.

How does Jumpline work?

We’re here to support our community: some of the smartest people working to transform journalism education.

The pace of change is ridiculous. We know how difficult it is to keep up. Our weekly newsletter, Jumplines, helps our community stay on top of the boldest and most intelligent ideas and opportunities for transforming journalism education.


We support the Jumpline community in other ways as well. We are available for design workshops, research projects, speaking engagements, and consulting opportunities.


Our approach consists of three main components: knowledge, strategy and action.


Jumplines newsletter about the intelligent transformation of media education
Trend-tracking and insight-sharing to help you stay informed about industry innovation
Case studies and bespoke research projects
Workshops and talks at your organization
Events and conferences around the world


Advising department leaders on program objectives and goals
Providing evidence-based guidance that relies on industry data
Identifying challenges and developing solutions


Identifying curriculum challenges and convening co-design workshops to overcome them
Leading consensus workshops to help departments define priorities, identify opportunities, innovate and come to agreement on action
Consulting on staffing, budget and professional development policies
Creating education design toolkits
Developing other bespoke training and pedagogy workshops

Who is Jumpline?

There has been a lot of bad news in the journalism industry. But there is a lot to be optimistic about too. We’re excited about the transformation of journalism, the new opportunities it is creating and the path ahead. Jumpline is committed to helping journalism educators and newsrooms make the most of these changes.

Andrew Mills is a past member of the journalism faculty at Northwestern University’s international campus in Qatar, where he helped lead a two-year long design process to overhaul the journalism curriculum. His teaching has focused on media innovation and the use of emerging digital technology to gather news and tell stories. He has reported from more than 25 countries and helps design and lead collaborative journalism projects around the world with Pop-Up Newsroom.

Amy Kristin Sanders is a tenured journalism professor at the University of Texas at Austin and spent nearly 5 years teaching in the Middle East. She researches the law’s response to emerging technologies in the media industry and is internationally known for this work. As an expert witness and consultant to Fortune 500 companies, international governments, major universities and global law firms, she has provided her expertise in regulatory proceedings, policy development and pending litigation. She regularly speaks to media and civic groups about media freedom, social media, media literacy and the impact of emerging technology.

When to join Jumpline?

If you’re a journalism educator or trainer, Jumpline can help you keep pace with industry change and meaningfully adapt your curriculum in response to key developments.

If you’re a journalism or media school, Jumpline can help you to define your role in the changing digital media ecosystem and then work with your teams to chart a successful strategy.

If you’re an international media development or training organization, Jumpline can help you to prepare partners to become drivers of digital transformation.

If you’re a newsroom, Jumpline can help you develop and launch a learning strategy to ensure your journalists will acquire the new knowledge and skills that will sustain transformation into the future.

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